What Is Going On In Calgary This Weekend? (TOP 5 Tips)

When are Calgary’s weekend events and festivals taking place?

  • Weekend Events Festivals in Calgary: October 25-27, 2019. Festivals in Calgary: October 25-27, 2019. There is something for everyone in and around Calgary this weekend, including free and enjoyable family activities for children, live music, theatre and performing arts, sports and exhibitions.

What is there to do in Calgary right now?

Calgary’s Most Popular Attractions

  • The Calgary Zoo. 4,477. Nature Wildlife Areas • Zoos.
  • The Calgary Stampede. 3,093. Historic Sites • Parks.
  • The Calgary Stampede. Prince’s Island Park has 1,399.
  • Glenbow Museum has 868.
  • Bow River has 743.
  • Calgary Tower has 3,333.
  • Studio Bell, which is home to the National Music Centre has 354.

What can adults do in Calgary?

Adults will like these 15+ fun things to do in Calgary.

  • Calgary Tower.
  • Axe throwing.
  • Brewery tour and tastings.
  • Cycling beer tour with Urban Pedal Tours.
  • Bobbing with WinSport, the Skyline Luge, and the zipline. Tour and sampling of the gelato shop
  • Visit Studio Bell, Canada’s National Music Centre, or take a float or a walk along the Bow River.
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What is there to do in Calgary in October 2021?

This October, there are 16 best things to do in Calgary.

  • Visit Loft 112’s 10-day poetry festival for more information. During a live event, you may hear music from ten Black composers. In Prince’s Island Park, you may sharpen your improv abilities. Harvest Lights provides an opportunity to see the Calgary Farmyard at night. Prepare to be scared at a drive-in Halloween event.

What should I do on the weekend?

This Weekend, There Are 47 Cheap and Fun Things to Do.

  • Take a stroll in the park. You can travel with your family or with a group of friends.
  • Keep an eye out for the sunset. Find a beautiful location in your neighborhood to watch the sunset.
  • Put together a picnic lunch, play board games, or play card games with friends
  • or take part in a road rally. Take part in a Digital Scavenger Hunt.
  • Have a Bring Your Own Event.

Is Calgary safe?

Calgary is a safe place for visitors to visit since the vast majority of violent crime is committed against people. Calgary’s ranking and score of 82 percent indicate that tourists may feel comfortable when visiting the city.

What is there to do in Calgary Labor Day weekend?

On the long weekend, make sure to check out these incredible sights.

  • In addition to BATL, Bow Habitat Station, Calaway Park, Calgary Farmyard, Calgary Tower, Devonian Gardens, Downhill Karting, Fort Calgary, and more attractions are available.

What is there to do in Calgary on a Friday night?

The best things to do in Calgary, Alberta at night are listed below.

  1. Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, Observatories, a Pin-Bar, arcades, and the Laugh Shop are all on the premises. Comedy clubs, TELUS Spark, museums, and the Loose Moose Theatre Company are some of the options. The Locked Room is a performance space for the performing arts. Games of chance
  2. The Rec Room
  3. Canadian (New)
  4. Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club Clubs that include stand-up comedy.
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What can I do in Calgary for free?

Free entry and events are available at several of Calgary’s most popular attractions and public places.

  • There are many things to do in Calgary: Devonian Gardens
  • Central Library
  • Esker Foundation
  • Rocky Mountain Show Jumping
  • Spring Meadows
  • YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre
  • and many more.

What is the biggest mall in Calgary?

In addition to having over 250 retailers, CF Chinook Centre is also Calgary’s largest shopping, eating, and entertainment destination. Spending the day shopping at CF Chinook Centre is made simple by the presence of major department shops such as Hudson’s Bay, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

What is Calgary known for?

Some of the things that Calgary is well-known for are as follows:

  • The Canadian Pacific Railway Headquarters
  • The Calgary Fire of 1886
  • The Calgary Stampede
  • The Calgary Flames – NHL Hockey Team
  • A sea of red jerseys during the 2004 NHL playoffs was known as the “Red Mile.” Hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics
  • Hosting the 2009 World Water Ski Championship
  • Hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics

Where can I go on a date in Calgary?

Couples in Calgary might enjoy these 10 date ideas.

  • Winter ice skating at Olympic Plaza
  • horseback riding out of town
  • a cruise on a paddlewheel boat
  • and adult-only nights at TELUS Spark are just a few of the options. Take advantage of a couple’s spa treatment. Observe the cityscape from the Calgary Tower. Go to Studio Bell for a musical date night. Walk through Prince’s Island Park with your partner.

Where should I go in Calgary in the fall?

Here are seven of the greatest spots in Calgary to soak in all of the beauty of the season this autumn, according to locals.

  • Prince’s Island Park is located on the island of Prince’s. Confederation Park
  • Glenmore Reservoir
  • Scotland’s Hill
  • Nose Hill Park
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park
  • Larch Valley
  • Prince’s Island Park (Shawn.ccf/Shutterstock)
  • Confederation Park
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What should I wear in Calgary in October?

Plan on wearing several layers of clothing. Some days or parts of the day will be pleasant and warm, while other times it may be a little cool or brisk. Bring a rain jacket just in case, as it is expected to rain on a few of days during this time period. Bring along some warm clothing as well.

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