Who Is My Alderman Calgary? (TOP 5 Tips)

What is the role of the City of Calgary Council?

  • Each of Calgary’s 14 wards is represented by one member of City Council, which is comprised of the mayor and 14 councillors. Councillors are elected to represent the interests of the inhabitants of their ward when the Council makes decisions that have an impact on the local and wider community. City Council members also serve on a number of boards, commissions, and committees around the city.

How many aldermen are there in Calgary?

Each of Calgary’s 14 wards is represented by one member of City Council, which is comprised of the mayor and 14 councillors.

Who are the 14 councillors in Calgary?


  • Ward 1 is represented by Sonya Sharp
  • Ward 2 is represented by Jennifer Wyness
  • Ward 3 is represented by Jasmine Mian
  • Ward 5 is represented by Raj Dhaliwal
  • Ward 6 is represented by Richard Pootmans
  • Ward 7 is represented by Terry Wong
  • Ward 8 is represented by Courtney Walcott
  • Ward 10 is represented by Andre Chabot.

How much do city councillors make in Calgary?

As part of its pay freeze, the previous council has frozen salary increases each year since 2019. Council Salary Review Committee estimates that the cost of municipal council compensation is $1.44 per capita per year, based on the current population. According to the 2020 base salary, a Calgary city councillor could have earned $113,526 and the mayor’s basic compensation would have been $200,586 each year.

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When was the last municipal election Calgary?

It was conducted on October 16, 2017, in Calgary, Alberta, to elect a mayor, councillors to the city council, trustees to the Calgary Board of Education, and trustees to the Calgary Catholic School District.

What does a ward Councillor do?

A ward councillor is a member of the municipal council who represents a specific ward and is elected using the “first past the post method,” which means that the candidate who obtains the most number of votes wins. Ward councillors serve as the chairpersons of their respective ward committees and are responsible for providing special attention to their respective wards.

What nationality is Jyoti Gondek?

Jyoti’s path to become the mayor of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities hasn’t been a straight one. Jyoti was born in the United Kingdom to Punjabi parents who were originally from India. When she was four years old, she and her family moved to Manitoba. Her father, Jasdev Singh Grewal, had his legal training in India, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

What is the person’s title mayor or reeve?

The title of Mayor or Reeve refers to a Chief Elected Official. The Chief Elected Official is the person in charge of preside over council sessions and serves as the public face of the council and local government.

How much does a garbage man make in Calgary?

Salary and Benefits Recap In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the average salary for a Garbage Collector Driver is $50,489 per year and $24 per hour. For a Garbage Collector Driver, the typical compensation ranges between $38,009 and $60,814, depending on experience.

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How much do Calgary police make?

The CPS offers a competitive pay that starts at $67,885 and rises to $104,439 after five years of service in the organization.

How much do FireFighters make in Calgary?

Salary Questions and Answers for the City of Calgary The average annual income for a Firefighter in Canada is $94,085 dollars, which is 57 percent greater than the average annual compensation for same position in the City of Calgary, which is $59,891 dollars.

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