Where Can I Buy Globalfest Tickets In Calgary?

What is GlobalFest Calgary and how does it work?

  • International Festival of the Arts (GlobalFest) is a not-for-profit community development organization devoted to commemorating, promoting, and presenting Calgary’s ethno-cultural variety and creative brilliance on a global scale. We improve the quality of life for our inhabitants and enhance our community while simultaneously strengthening Alberta’s status as a premier worldwide tourist destination, according to the province.

Where do I park for GlobalFest Calgary?

Visit the GlobalFest website for more information. The International Avenue Arts and Culture Centre operates PAID parking spots along Hubalta Road and RONA, which are open to the public. You must enter the parking lots before 8 p.m. Call 403-235-4414 if you require further information.

What is GlobalFest Calgary?

Taking place annually in Calgary, GlobalFest is a multi-cultural event that includes pavilions and entertainment as well as foreign fireworks displays.

Where can I watch GlobalFest fireworks in Calgary?


  • Elliston Park is located at 1827 68th Street SE in Calgary and costs $21 per person (or $46 per person for VIP tickets)
  • When: August 19 to August 28.

What time are the GlobalFest fireworks tonight?

On fireworks nights, the fireworks will be completed by roughly 10:00 PM – 10:15 PM on the evening of each festival day.

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Are fireworks legal in Calgary?

No one other than a trained and qualified professional with a fireworks licence is permitted to ignite or fire fireworks or pyrotechnics in the city of Calgary. This includes consumer fireworks that have been purchased or ordered from a location other than Calgary, for example.

What time do fireworks start in Calgary?

Fireworks will be launched from the Calgary Tower at midnight, but the show may also be seen live online by visiting calgary.ca/NYE at 11:55 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.

Where does GlobalFest take place?

GlobalFest is a cultural festival held annually in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is open to the public.

Where is GlobalFest held?

Taking place in Elliston Park in East Calgary each year, OneWorld and the International Fireworks are two of the highlights of the annual GlobalFest events (main gate at the corner of 17th [International] Avenue and 60th Street SE).

How big is Elliston Park?

Concerning the park It is located in the deep south-east along 17th Avenue, and it features a storm water retention pond that is approximately 20 ha in size. Elliston Park is the site of the annual Globalfest fireworks competition as well as the first BP BirthPlace Forest, which was dedicated in 2008. The address is 1827 68th St.

What time is the fireworks tonight in Calgary?

Around 11 p.m., there will be fireworks all around Calgary!!! Turn on the lights in this city!! In the same period of time, five international-scale firework displays take place simultaneously across the city, making it the largest and most sophisticated firework spectacle ever staged in Canada. 7

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What is the global fest?

World cultures will be celebrated at this one-day Global Fest by way of music and dance performances, crafts, exhibitions, and foreign cuisine. The activities that are provided for free include continuous stage entertainment, cultural exhibitions, and children’s activities.

What’s happening in Calgary in August?

August is a busy month in Calgary.

  • A Summer Cool-er in YYC.
  • Music in the Park.
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience.
  • Rhythms of 17th.
  • Shakespeare by the Bow.
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. Studio Bell is offering free admission. Other events include the BUMP Festival and the DRIVE-IN at Spark.

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